Travelling Places to Visit in Bali with Your Family and Kids

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1. Ubud Monkey Forest

The forest located in the middle of Ubud holds spiritual meaning for Balinese and Balinese. But it’s also home to over 600 macaque monkeys.

They are free-running, and the long-tailed monkeys wander through the forest’s paths or walls and even temples and may become over-friendly when you begin producing bananas. So every visitors who come to bali should visit the Ubud Monkey Forest.

2. Bali Safari and Marine Park

A wildlife park that offers safaris on 4x4s and African-style lodges. This attraction gives families a chance to go close to zebras, lions, and rhinos in an adventure-style trip through the forest.

The park hosts over 100 different species, including the threatened Sumatran Tiger, the Komodo dragon, and the orangutan. Bali Safari Park is one of the most adventurous place in Indonasia for every person who wants some thrilling experience in life.

3. Splash waterpark

With six water attractions with a poolside cafe and a lap pool that is 25 meters long, The small-sized waterpark located in Canggu is hard to get children away from.

It is part of Finns Recreation Club; the waterpark features four exciting slides, a wild creek for gentle water play, and a special space for children. Image: Splash Bali

4. Bali The Treetop Adventure Park

The course is located in the lush Bali Botanical Garden in Bali’s Bedugul region; this family-friendly obstacle course is suitable for all aged between four and eight.

With seven circuits of adventure, twelve obstacles, suspended bridges, spider nets, Tarzan leaps, and a flying fox, The outdoor course builds self-confidence and trust.

5. Stay in a family-friendly resort

Situated close to Keramas beach break Komune Resort is one of the most relaxing families-friendly hotels on this island. The resort also offers a range of fun activities for children that include outdoor film screenings every evening at the park, a newly-built skating park as well as a chicken coop, and also cultural classes. Image: Margarita Salyak

6. Surfing on Nusa Lembogan

There is no trip for families. A trip to Bali cannot be completed without visiting its southeast islands. Its adventure park Nusa Lembongan has plenty to offer active families, offering top-of-the-line surf breaks, such as Playgrounds and lacerations, snorkeling, mangrove cruises, beach clubs with a laid-back vibe, and bicycle rides.

7. Jimbaran Beach

The most family-friendly and authentic beaches, this peaceful area on the island’s south is located close to the airport and is ideal for young families. The local kids from the village nearby come to the beach every night to play soccer and enjoy time with their families. There are plenty of opportunities to learn from other cultures.

8. Bali Bird Park

Over 1000 bird species, as well as 250 species of species that are protected Indonesian kinds, are now nesting within this Bali sanctuary close to Ubud. The natural habitats of the bird are replicated here, and visitors are able to learn about the diverse cast of characters, such as the indigenous Wreathed Hornbill and the elusive Papua’s Red Bird of Paradise.

9. Ubud Art Market

The hard-earned pocket cash goes to Ubud’s traditional market every day, Pasar Seni Ubud, often referred to as Ubud Art Market. Ubud Art Market. The market is situated in front of Ubud’s Puri Saren Ubud Royal Palace. You can find everything from woven bags made by hand to kits at a steal.

10. Mt Batur Sunrise Hike

Bali appears to be a vibrant landscape at dawn; however, nowhere is the sunrise more captivating than at the top of Mt Batur. Perfect for families with big kids, guided hikes up Batur’s active volcanic crater are scheduled so that they coincide with rising sunlight. After reaching the summit, eggs are cooked up in volcanic steam for breakfast.

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